This year, Columbia Alpaca Breeders Association in conjunction with Celebrity Sales, host of the Futurity, will bring you the 2nd annual CABA Classic Auction to be held with the CABA Classic show Saturday, May 9, 2020.

See last year’s catalog:

View the CABA Classic Auction Catalog


While there are a few breeders here in the Northwest Region that attend national events and auctions, most of our fellow breeders, show participants and alpaca enthusiasts do not travel out of the Northwest region. The CABA board thought that this would give many of you the opportunity to participate in a live alpaca auction. Whether you would like to be a consignor, sit amongst friends in a festive atmosphere while animals are brought onstage under the lights and hear the auctioneer call out winning bids or feel the rush of holding your bidder card in the air.  We feel that having this event in conjunction the CABA Classic here in Portland will be a unique experience for many.

Have Questions: If you would like to talk to someone about consigning an animal, what to look for and how this all works, please contact Richard Cruanas of LaFinca Alpacas at 503-351-1616 or Tim Graber of North Plains Alpacas at 503-778-0246. Both Richard and Tim have been selling and buying alpacas at national auctions for over 10 years. Since there are only limited lots available, please contact either Richard or Tim as soon as possible.

We will be posting updates on the website.

CABA Classic Show and Auction Committee