Snowmass Alpacas

2016 Futurity Sponsor

Julie and Don Skinner
270 Rapid Lightning Road
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Who is Snowmass Alpacas

Snowmass Alpacas strives for excellence across our entire herd. Our efforts are acknowledged in high-end shows and sales in the United States and abroad. We are dedicated to producing genetics that will continue to advance the alpaca industry in the world marketplace. We work with scientists and Camelid breeders worldwide, seeking new advancements in preventative herd management, diagnostics and treatments. We are also working with various mills in fiber grading, sorting and milling so that we can give breeders a better perspective as to the direct relationship with fineness/crimp/length/color/ and many other variables as it relates to end products and fleeces we are breeding for. Snowmass has worked hard to keep a well-diversified breeding program and not narrow any of the genetic possibilities. This keeps our program exciting. The outcome of our advanced breeding program is as thrilling as the first day we started. A healthy, strong alpaca with high quality fiber in a spectrum of colors is directive for the present as well as the future.

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