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Triple H Ranch

Jennifer Hack
4098 N State Highway 67
Sekalia, CO
(765) 346-7604

Triple H Ranch is nestled in the beautiful foothills of Colorado’s front range, roughly 30 minutes south west of Denver. Established in March of 2013, we strived to acquire alpaca and make breeding decisions that would allow us to have a solid foundation of elite Suri alpaca on which to build. The goal was, and is, to create superior breeding stock with advanced Suri fleece traits and solid conformation for show and sale.

The ranch is owned and operated by Jennifer Hack, who has used her extensive knowledge of livestock and breeding to build an elite herd of Suris. The result is a herd of over 50 alpaca that are conformationally sound and have the fleece characteristics Suri breeders desire. We consistently strive to breed, show and sell the highest quality alpaca.

Triple H Ranch offers elite seed stock alpaca for sale, provides top of the line boarding to clients, offers select males for breeding to outside females, and most importantly, provides knowledge based mentorship to all of our clients. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and the industry as a whole.

Come and visit the tranquility of Triple H Ranch and allow us to help you ignite your breeding program! Triple H Ranch – a Program with Purpose!


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