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Futurity Points & Scoring Explained

Premium Awards for which you compete:

  • Breeder of the Year – One Breeder of the Year, and one Reserve Breeder of the Year per size group.
  • Size Group Herd Sire of the Year –  One Herd Sire of the Year per size group.
  • Overall Herd Sire of the Year – White/Light Offspring (All size farms compete against each other.)
  • Overall Herd Sire of the Year – Colored Offspring (All size farms compete against each other.)

Breeder of the Year:

There are two ways to earn points for Breeder of the Year: Exhibitor Points & Herd Sire Points

1. For alpacas that you enter in the show, you earn exhibitor points as follows:

  • 6th – 4
  • 5th – 4.8
  • 4th – 5.6
  • 3rd – 6.4
  • 2nd – 8.0 
  • 1st – 9.6
  • Reserve Color Champion – 12.0
  • Color Champion – 14.4
  • Judges Choice – 8 Bonus Points

2.  Herd Sire Points for Offspring of Herd Sires YOU nominate:

  • 6th – 1.0
  • 5th – 1.2
  • 4th – 1.4
  • 3rd – 1.6
  • 2nd – 2.0
  • 1st – 2.4
  • Reserve Color Champion – 3.0
  • Color Champion – 3.6
  • Judges Choice – 2 Bonus Points

Add the Total number of Exhibitor Points to Total Herd Sire Points to get your Total Breeder of the Year Points.

Divisional Herd Sires of the Year:  

  • Only the points of the highest scoring offspring of NOMINATED offspring will be considered. For Small Farm– 3 top scoring Offspring, Medium Farm– 4 top offspring, Large Farm– 6 Top Offspring
  • A single Herd Sire may be considered for only one farm size division of the Divisional Herd Sire of the Year Awards. Should a herd sire be co-owned by farms in different size divisions, (either as partners or a separate entity), he will be considered for Divisional Herd Sire of the Year only in the farm size category as the the owner/principal in the largest (most females) size division. For example, “Herd Sire A”, is co-owned, with one owner/principal qualifying as a medium breeder, and another owner/principal that qualifies as a large farm. That herd sire is eligible to compete only for Large Breeder Herd Sire of the Year in divisional herd sire awards. In the case of all official Futurity results, all owners of co-owned males will be named individually. 

Overall Herd Sires of the Year, White/Light Offspring Division & Colored Offspring Division.

  • The points of the 5 top-performing (point winning) offspring of a nominated herd sires count toward the Overall HSY awards.

Important Note: Herd Sire Points are awarded ONLY for NOMINATED Herd Sires.