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Futurity Show Rules & Guidelines

The Futurity show will, as always, feature the highest level competition of any alpaca show in the country. Our signature limited edition trophies, and banners, will be awarded to all color champions and reserve color champions. Premium awards will include Herd Sire of the Year awards, in light and dark divisions, and Breeder of the Year awards in Small, Medium and Large farm divisions. The Futurity show will also feature the get of sire awards and Judges choice awards in both Suri and Huacaya divisions.

Futurity Specific Rules

  • Because we will only be renting one building, stalls will be limited to 15 stalls per registered farm. This allows us to use the stall layout portion of the Alpaca Show Registration system (AlpacaReg), thus allowing you to maximize the space you rent.
  • The same family unit may only compete in one farm size division for Breeder of the Year awards. ie If Tim and Teresa Vincent as partners with Jane and John Doe have a business entity TJ Alpacas which competes as a farm in the Large Farm division, neither the Vincents or the Does may compete for Breeder of the Year in a division with a lower ownership threshold  (i.e. Small or Medium Sized Farm in this example).  The same will hold true if the same individuals are principal members, partners, or stockholders in more than one entity competing in the Futurity.
  • Because Herd Sire and entry fees have been drastically reduced over the years, we are only guaranteeing payouts at the show to Color, Reserve Color, and Judge’s Choice.

Futurity Rules & Guidelines

  • Open to alpacas 6 months to less than 3 years. Entries pay an entry fee.
  • Entries must be the offspring of a nominated herd-sire, or pay an additional self nomination fee (self-nomination fee is typically 50% of a Herd Sire Nomination fee).
  • Only a herd sire’s owner may nominate him for the show.
  • All Judging is done per AOBA rules, but as a Futurity, the show does not have the same entry number requirements to be allowed to award color championships.
  • Premium Awards- Breeder of the Year S & H, Resv. Breeder of the Year S& H. Farm divisions: Small Farm 1: 1-10 ARI females owned, Small Farm 2: 11-20 ARI females owned, Medium Farm 1: 21-60 ARI females owned, Medium Farm 2: 61-99 ARI females owned, Large Farm 1: 100-199 ARI females owned, Large Farm 2: 200+ ARI females owned.
  • All points won by all entries of the farm, and all herd sire points won by the offspring of the farm’s nominated herd sires count toward Breeder of the Year points.
  • Premium Award- Herd Sire of the Year. Champion & Reserve, H&S, 2 divisions- White/Lite, and Colored. Only the points of the 5 top-performing (point winning) offspring of a nominated herd sire count toward the HSY award.
  • Herd Sire of the Year for Small, Medium & Large Breeder Divisions. Awards will be given for both suri and huacaya. Both Colored and White/Light offspring will count toward this award. For Small Breeder Division Top 3 performing (point winning) offspring of a nominated herd sire count toward the HSY award. For Medium division the top 4 performing offspring will be considered, and for Large Breeder division the top 6 will be considered.
  • Points- Awarded for calculation of Herd Sire of the Year are done using the following point scores 6th-5, 5th-6, 4th-7, 3rd-8, 2nd-10, 1st-12, RCC-15, CC-18
  • The same scale above is used for calculation of The Breeders of the Year. However, the points are divided between the entry owner, and Herd Sire Owner. 80% of the score is given to the entry/exhibitor, 20% is given to the Herd Sire/Herd Sire Owner. (For example: For 2nd place there are 10 points total. If you own the entry, but not the herd sire, you will receive 80% of the point total, or 8 points. If you own the nominated herd sire of an entry that finishes 2nd, but do not own the entry, you will receive 20% of the total points, in this case 2 points. If you own both the entry and the nominated herd sire, you would receive a total of 10 points (8+2).
  • Scoring for Breeder of the Year Awards: All points won by all entries of the farm, and all herd sire points won by the offspring of the farm’s nominated herd sires count toward Breeder of the Year points.
  • Futurity First Timer (Rookie of the Year) Awards. There will be one suri, and one huacaya award in the Small, Medium, and Large Breeder Division. In order to be eligible for the award, neither the exhibitor (farm), nor exhibitor’s immediate family may have competed in the Futurity in any of the last five years.
  • Note: Private treaty sales and the promotion of non- Celebrity Sales events are not allowed at the Futurity Show & Sale.
  • Get of Sire Classes will be divided in to Light/White, and Colored divisions.
  • A minimum of four alpacas per color, coming from 2 or more classes will be required for a Color Championship.
  • Placements in classes with only one or two entries will be awarded 50% of the regular class points. However, if an alpaca from a class of one or two entries goes on to be a Color or Reserve Color Champion, that entry will be awarded all points due a Color Champion, plus the full points for a first or second place class finish.
  • Bred & Owned Classes will be added per the new 2013 AOBA rule changes. Please see the 2013 AOBA rulebook for details.
  • Bred and Owned classes will receive the same points as a regular halter class, with the Bred & Owned winners receiving the same points as a Color Champion.
  • Judges Choice winners will receive 10 “bonus” points.
  • Futurity Sale Consignors whose consignments go on to place in the Futurity Show for the new owner will receive bonus points toward premium awards.