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Hasselbring’s Harmony Ranch

Britt & Patty Hasselbring
29049 Davis Road
Concordia, MO 64020
(816) 769-3939

We fell in love with the living art that is the Suri alpaca, and today we share a farm with over 100 Suris in Concordia, Missouri. We are surrounded by the grace and beauty of Suri alpacas. We make breeding decisions carefully, using top stud males and females who have the characteristics to continue improvement of the Suri breed. We don’t want to just breed. We want to improve. Every year. We gather data from a variety of sources to help us make breeding decisions.

  • Each year we have fiber samples analyzed from our animals to determine fineness, consistency, and comfort factor.
  • We have our herd classified in the Suri Herd Improvement Program (SHIP) every three years or so and use information from that classification to identify strengths and weaknesses of each animal.
  • We participate in the Alpaca Owners Association EPD program, so are able to see how our animals rank amid others in the country in various fiber characteristics.
  • Finally, we show our animals at alpaca shows to see how they stack up to other high-quality alpacas and get feedback from alpaca judges.

We breed and sell animals, both to those who already have alpacas and to those who are just starting out on their alpaca journey. We specialize is helping new farms start up. We provide education to introduce newcomers to alpacas, consult in farm set-up and herd management activities. We work with prospective owners to define their goals, select alpacas to match their goals, and then provide ongoing consulting and mentoring.

While breeding and selling animals is our primary focus, we also provide a variety of agritourism services, including tours, bringing alpacas to weddings and other events, and special appearances at nursing homes, senior centers, and schools. We sell manure, both composted and raw, to farmers and gardeners in our area as well.


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